• IMG_9235“Veljko Maričić” Award for best young actress

    Elena Brumini for the role of Silvia in Crime on Goat-Island.
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  • Nunsense“Zlata Nikolić” Award for best performance

    Elena Brumini for the role of Sister Robert Anne in Dan Goggin’s Nunsense

    “A sequence of soft tones linked into catching melodies accompanied by merrily movements and great fun at the scene, which perky nuns humorously transfer to the audience, showing their coherence and intercommunication. It is obvious this is an ensemble that in all respects runs well.
    One of them is the mother superior that desperately tries to keep things under control, even when it slips away, the other is novice hungry for reign. There is the third one who lost her identity whereby, the fourth one who wanted to be a ballerina, and finally the fifth one – a street child.
    A street child or Sister Robert Anne – freakish and a bit wild, really flirtatiously troublesome. Playful, extremely skilful and just a little bit disobedient but at the same time graceful and warm, with lively eyes, dynamic temper and becoming nature. Thereto, extremely talented so she declares she ONLY wants to be a star!
    And Nunsense makes it possible. She attracts attention with her capabilities in different fields of the musical – she extraordinarily consolidates acting, singing and dancing, she is very skillful at scene movement, with nice timbre, impressive vocal abilities and with aesthetic feeling for musical interpretation. She acts with ease and fluency, as well as enviable spontaneity. This young actress has a full scale scene personality that inspires with her ambitiousness. She is impressible, charming, multiskilled and brilliant, womanly playful, she is remarkable – Elena Brumini.”

  • KAFKA NAGRADA I ROTIR 7Croatian Theatre Award for best actress in a supporting role in “Kafka Project”

    “Elena Brumini realized an impressive interpretation, individually as well as part of the collective. She is truly fused with other actors at the scene. Her role is strong and vigorous, extremely precise, simple, spirited and bold, a reflection of unity and interaction with fellow actors. The whole group is disciplined and truly devoted to the performance. Finally, it is an admirable role in an exceptional show.
    In Cinderella (performed by the City puppet theatre Rijeka) Elena Brumini proved another side of her great talent – capability to sing, dance and act for much younger, but not the least less demanding audience”.

    – Suzana Nikolić member of the award commettee
    “La Voce del Popolo”, 4.12.2014.