LaVie_0057-(4)Elena was born in 1981 in the city of Rijeka in Croatia.
She started dancing as a child. She attended the dance studio Action in Zagreb held by Kornelija Kosanović Koni, the highschool of contemporary dance Ana Maletić and was part of the cheerleading group Cibonete for two years.
She studied at The Bernstein School of Musical Theater in Bologna, Italy, where she graduated in 2004.
During her education she studied classic ballet, jazz dance, tap, modern, contemporary, mtv, cheerleading, swing, acting and musical and jazz singing.

As she graduated at The Bernstein School of Musical Theater in 2004 she came back to Croatia and started working as an actress at the Croatian National Theater Ivan pl. Zajc where in 2007 she became a member of Italian Drama.

She is a member of the Association of dance artists of Croatia (UPUH) since 2010 and the Association of croatian actors (HDDU) since 2012.

She worked as a dancer, choreographer and teacher with

The Croatian National Theater Ivan pl Zajc
The Director Karina Holla
The Bernstein School of Musical Theater
The Dance studio Action, Zagreb
The Dance studio Step by Step, Zagreb
The choreographer Senka Baruška
The choreographer Branko Žak Valenta
The choreographer Mojca Horvat
The choreographer Neda Wiesler
The Association for education and promotion of performing arts Studio Adapter
The Dance art laboratory and center for cultural tourism Koraki
The Dance school Ridancestudio by Ivona Brnelić

Today she teaches modern jazz at the dance studio Flashdance Unit.